Become a better and happier skier without skiing November 27 2015, 0 Comments

Big_Smile_SkiingHere at ANGEL FLOW our philosophy is #BIGSMILESKIING.

Big smile skiing incorporates indefinite aspects of skiing. Having a great time together, enjoying nature, controlling the elements, becoming a better skier, challenging yourself etc.

What makes you smile the most may not be the same as me. But we all want to smile while skiing, and if I can help you smile just a little bit more my mission is accomplished.

Over the coming months I will post some unorthodox tricks and ideas on how you can become a happier skier. 

I will be talking about equipment, getting into physical form using some unorthodox drills and mindsets, ski technique, telling children ski stories etc. 

I am looking forward to getting in dialogue with you, so you can help me become an even bigger smiling skier too.

Big smile greetings,

Henrik Kryger Pallesen
Founder of ANGEL FLOW