Carbon Light Skis for More Fun November 28 2015, 0 Comments

We at Angel Flow believe that most recreational skiers will benefit a lot from skiing on lighter skis and wearing lighter boots. 

Light skis are not only great when you have to carry them along with your heavy suitcases on your way to your ski holiday or up the mountain. More importantly they make you a better and safer skier.

Light skis makes skiing so much more fun
Why? Lighter skis are simply easier and faster to turn, you use less power and get less tired during the day (also check out our blog post on Nutella as legal Ski doping).  In other words you can ski more athletically when you don’t have to jump around with led heavy skis and boots on your feet.

'Carbon skis easily saves you 400 - 500 g
compared to a similar pair of metal reinforced skis'

They are also safer 
If you crash, wearing lighter equipment on your feet also reduce the risks of injury, as the momentum from the skis is reduced and therefore put less strain on your knees and legs when you sprawl all over the slope and the bindings don't release properly.

Carbon is the solution
To keep our ANGEL FLOW skis lighter without compromising performance we use light carbon sheets instead of heavy metal alloys to reinforce the ski’s body. Both of our MIXT Carbon Chi and Feisty Carbon Chi ski models use carbon for the ultimate cocktail of low weight and powerful edge hold. 

When saving 500 g for a pair of skis and you make, let's say, 1000 athletic performance turns on piste or off piste per day then you save your legs, knees and joints for up to 500 kg of extra strain. That is definitely less tiring and you will get the utmost out of your whole skiing day.  

The small downside
The slight downside of using carbon is that the skis may feel slightly less stable when skiing really fast on hard surfaces than a comparable heavier metal ski.  

So if you are a strong true speed junkie loving icy surfaces you probably still want to opt in for one of the heavier and more conventional metal reinforced skis that most of the big classic ski brands like Atomic, Volkl, Nordica etc. still manufacture.

However, we feel pretty confident that once you’ve tried our lighter carbon skis you’ll never want to swap back to the metal skis again. The lighter carbon skis are simply just more fun, versatile and easier to ski. And don't get fooled, our skis still do some awsome razor sharp turns on the hard pack. 

Get the full weight reduction
If you want to get the full package of weight reduction you should also look in the direction of the Fischer Ski Boot Vacuum Line where the plastic used is somewhat lighter than traditional ski boots saving you those extra grams.

Apart from being light, these boots are fantastic due to the custom molding and their unique, yet very effective duck stance.   

PS: For obvious reasons ANGEL FLOW doesn’t have any financial interest in recommending a competitor's (Fischer) ski boots, but as we still want you to smile after a long skiing day we simply had to let you know about their boots too.

Big smile greetings,

Henrik Kryger Pallesen
Founder of ANGEL FLOW