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Henrik Kryger Pallesen Founder of Angel Flow Skis

I got skinned every season

When I worked as a ski instructor I got skinned every season because I needed new skis. Even with a ski instructor discount it costed me a small fortune.

So I founded Angel Flow 5 years ago with the quest to cut prices for high performance skis by 25-50%. We believe we have found the right formula, and I can't wait to meet you on the mountain - hopefully on a pair of Angel Flows.

Big smile greetings,

Henrik Kryger Pallesen
Founder of Angel Flow




We don't have any pretty secretaries, and no marketing execs driving fat 4x4 Audis.



We don't own a race team.

How we slash our prices

- We only sell directly to you via our e-shop, so we save the retail stores' profits.

- We only spend petty cash on marketing and sponsorships. We hope our skis are so compelling that you'll help us spread the word. Please like us on Facebook

- We only produce and stock a very limited number of skis and models.

- We are a small, nimble & cost effective organization without an expensive HQ, no pretty secretaries, no marketing execs driving big 4x4 Audis, and no fancy show rooms.

- We don't invent and promote nonsense technologies that no one understands anyway. We just make good quality skis.

- We only focus on developing skis we want to ski ourselves. Because life is too short for skis you don't love.

- We're PASSION DRIVEN, NOT PROFIT DRIVEN. But yeah, we do hope to make a decent living out of Angel Flow. That would be a dream come true.

Life is too short for skis you don't love.

Love is the key - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We simply don't build skis we don't love to ski ourselves, as every second on the mountain needs to be enjoyed to the utmost.  

That's why we offer you our Big Smile Guarantee. Basically, you can try your new Angel Flow skis on snow for two days within 30 days from purchasing them. If you don't like 'em you can just return them to us and we will refund you the money.

Compromising quality would totally undermine everything we stand for.


To ensure quality our skis are made in Europe, made of the same materials made by the same suppliers as several of the biggest ski and snowboard brands also use. 

The construction of our skis is also on par with best practice in the industry. Surprisingly, to some maybe, most high-end skis are constructed in more or less the same classical manner.   

  • Sandwich construction with ABS sidewalls
  • Laminated wood core wrapped in woven fiber glass sheets
  • Aluminium alloy sheet(s) (or carbon) may be added for additional torsional and longitudinal stiffness, and rebound
  • Rockwell 48 steel edges
  • Sintered bases
  • Top sheet w/ visual design

  • Angel Flow skis are built like that too. We just sell them at much lower prices - and they look great too !